FACE Survey
FACE Survey (Future of Aldbourne Community & Environment)

What’s this all about?

Please read this to understand why it’s important to complete the survey.

Our village community, environment and its facilities matter to all who live in Aldbourne village and parish.

Wiltshire Council has an obligation to build a certain number of new homes in the county over the next few years. As part of this process they are allowing town and parish councils to have their say. This is called the Neighbourhood Development Plan. Once it is ready Wiltshire Council will organise a referendum in the village so we can vote on its adoption.

You can help shape the future of our community and environment by helping us build a Neighbourhood Development Plan which takes account of your views. This Plan will have considerable weight in future planning decisions about how many new houses are built, what types of business can set up in Aldbourne and the types of facilities we need for future development.

Without the Neighbourhood Development Plan in place, we have little influence over future decisions about what happens within our settlement boundary, which is set by Wiltshire Council. The Neighbourhood Development Plan must conform to national and local Development Policies and Planning Frameworks.

So please take the time now to fill in this anonymous survey.

We ask that every resident 16 years old or over completes the survey once only.

If you would like help in completing the survey online, please email: aldbourne.np@gmail.com

Completed paper FACE surveys – please leave at the Aldbourne Post Office.


The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group consists of: Cllr. Anne Deuchar, Cllr. Sandy Muirhead, Ms. Carey Wallin and Cllr. Charlie Williams.

Thank you for taking part. *